hillbilly dickshunairy




Vol. I, No. 5

bein a dickshunerry of how hillbilly english is used by buddy don duncan, mane care ackter in life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. utherns have differnt ways to use hillbilly n thays minny a bidy thats knows moren i do. but this mite be a hep in readin sum of buddy don's ritin. corse, tiz a wurk in progress. i reckon i oughta do a grammar, too, but one thang at a time.

(3/13/2004) i added eggzamples of usage fer mos of the wurds that starts with the letter a.

as ye kin see over on the rite hand side thar, thays a slew of folk thats dun suggested sum wurds. i preciate the hep, so i list thar names with the number of wurds they dun suggested in parenthesees. ifn they gut a blog, i put a lank in.

heres how ye kin share yer wurd or fraze with the worl by gittin it into the dickshunairy:

  1. figger out a wurd or fraze that oughta be in hear but aint yet
  2. rite it down in a email to buddy don OR . . .
  3. put it into a comment at the verr bottom of this page (tiz a long way down thar)

heres the count by letters n the total

a:  177
b:  95
c:  151
d:  110
e:  61
f:  93
g:  54
h:  73
i:  61
j:  30
k:  26
l:  80
m:  104
n:  50
o:  47
p:  111
q:  6
r:  67
s:  209
t:  131
u:  22
v:  25
w:  101
y:  20
z:  1

total wurds: 1,905

©2004 by buddy don

Hillbilly to English




— a —

abby: [noun] Abbey, ("Westminster Abbey")

a'beatin: [verb] beating

a'beggin: [verb] begging  ("i wuz more or less a'beggin fer it")

abilty: [noun] ability

abord: [adverb] aboard  ("so i give my duffle bag to the bus driver, who stowed it in the baggage bin neath the bus, n clumb abord fer a 61-hour ride")

a'carryin: [verb] carrying  ("she wuz a'carryin a white bible")

accordin: [verb] according  ("accordin to her, 'wuz mr deeanjullo in fer a surprise!'")

a'changin: [verb] changing  ("oncet i had that motosickle, thangs started a'changin")

a'chasin: [verb] chasing  ("whenever thay wuz a'chasin presdint clintun")

ack: [noun] act  ("the thang that sprized me mos bout the job wuz how hard twuz to larn the simpl ack of burnin buns")

ack: [noun] act of a play  ("she cum n set thru the furst ack")

ack: [verb] act  ("i wuz purty much caught up in trine to ack lack i wuz unintrested in laura russell")

ackcent: [noun] accent  ("thar to greet us wuz monsier molyneux, witch he insisted we have, as he put it in a purrfeck english ackcent, 'A spot of Earl Grey?'")

ackcept: [verb] accept  ("the docters had dun tole mama she wuz a'gonna half to ackcept that her sun wood be lack a vegtabull fer the res of his life")

ackcepted: [verb] accepted  ("we had larnt that i had been ackcepted to utk graduwait skool in english with a teachin assistuntship")

acks: [verb] acts  ("yer amurkin cums into the room n acks lack nuthin wuz happenin till he gut thar")

ackshly: [adverb] actually  ("since thay wuznt no pepperoni -- or ackshly, thar wuz, but twuz peppers n not meat! -- we used salami whar we wonted pepperoni")

ackshul: [adjective] actual  ("furst thang he splains is how such ritin is the imatayshun of ackshul life")

acksident: [noun] accident  ("we talked bout the acksident fer a bit n then she ast to see the cast")

ackted: [verb] acted  ("we ackted ever bit as smart n hepful as that garçon had dun")

ackter: [noun] actor  ("i had a care ackter in thar name of dick january n thang wuz, he wuz a hard dranker n had im a glass eye n used the term 'goddam' bout ever thurd wurd")

acktin: [noun] acting  ("he wuz acktin so tuff n brave, but he hes wuznt")

ackuse: [verb] accuse

a'cleanin: [verb] cleaning  ("ye had to 'cloze,' witch that mint a'cleanin up everthang after thay dun clozed

a'crossin: [verb] crossing  ("seem lack i wuz a'crossin them lines lack nobidys bizness")

a'cummin: [verb] coming  ("a three day weekend wuz a'cummin up")

addin: [verb] adding  ("but they tuck to multiplyin the gods, addin in the trinity of gods, father, son n holy ghost n mary n so on")

administrayshun: [noun] administration  ("i went to the administrayshun n ast could i get that gummint class at nite")

admird: [verb] admired  ("everbidy seem lack they admird it so the wunder wuz why thay gut so upset")

a'doin: [verb] doing  ("whut is it we should be a'doin?")

a'drankin: [verb] drinking  ("speshly whenever ye wuz a'drankin n woodnt hardly shut up")

adventchur: [noun] adventure  ("i went on many a adventchur with marty")

adventchurs: [noun] adventures  ("tiz a wunder they survived sum of thar adventchurs")

a'fallin: [verb] falling  ("she wuz a'fallin out of her outfit")

a'feelin: [verb] feeling  ("i wuz glad to git away frum that celebrayshun n suze wuz a'feelin the same

a'fixin: [verb] fixing  ("whenever ye git to critcizin the grate state of tennessee, yer a'fixin to git a anser back frum me

a'followin: [verb] following

africa, afrikie: [noun] Africa  ("he thought i wuz a'funnin him or sumthin")

african: [adjective] African  ("these days tiz cunsidderd proper to use the wurds 'african amurkin' or even 'afro-amurkin.'")

african: [noun] African  ("he wuz a african frum tanzania")

africans: [noun] Africans  ("now ye mite thank africans wood be maddes of all at the usa, but twuznt so with this fella

afterds: [adverb] afterwards  ("afterds ye could see that darlene wuz spookd")

a'funnin: [verb] teasing, making fun of  ("he thought i wuz a'funnin him or sumthin")

a'fussin: [verb] fussing  ("we'd go back n furth, a'fussin n a'fitin over the same groun till we wuz too riled up to kiss innymore")

a'gettin: [verb] becoming  ("my stumick was a'gettin more n more sour by the bite")

a'getting, a'gittin: [verb] receiving, getting  ("darlene n me wuz even considerin a'gettin one of them skolarships to tennessee state our ownselves")

a'giggly: [adjective] giggly, silly  ("she wuz all a'giggly n callin me bof names")

agin: [preposition] against  ("twood put germans agin germans")

agin: [adverb] again  ("she figgerd thay wuznt no way the worl wood let the germans to be together in a sangle cuntry agin")

a'givin: [verb] giving  ("i wonted to know wuz he a'givin me a honor or a insult")

a'goin: [verb] going  ("i could walk n give everthang that wuz a'goin on sum thought")

a'gone: [verb] going  ("I wuz a'gone to the grossry store")

a'gone, a'gonna: [verb] going to, about to  ("i wuz a lil embarrassd n wishd i could git serious bout life n whutever twuz i wuz a'gone do with mine")

a'havin: [verb] having  ("we kep rite on a'havin it ever nite but it gut so twuz as much lack a job as innythang")

ahed: [adverb] ahead  ("mint i only needed to give em bout three hours a night, jes a nuff to keep ahed of the day shift")

ahm: [contraction] I'm

aholt: [adverb] a hold, a grip

a'hopin: [verb] hoping  ("i wuz feelin lack a big man, proud that thay wuz two women jes a'hopin fer sex with me")

a'hurtin: [verb] hurting

aigs: [noun] eggs  ("a duzen aigs set ye back 62 cent")

aimin: [verb] aiming  ("i couldnt be shure whut he wuz aimin at")

aint: [contraction] am not, is not, are not  ("that aint much of a debt compard to whut raygun or bush could pull")

air: [pronoun] our  ("air father who art in heavin")

airazona: [noun] Arizona  ("85 cent fer the brakefuss speshul in holbrook airazona")

a'knowin: [verb] knowing  ("we had larnt a lot more german than we had cum over a'knowin")

alabama: [noun] Alabama

a'laffin: [verb] laughing  ("shore a nuff, i wood be laffin my hed off lack i knew whut twuz all about")

a'larnin: [verb] learning  ("he sed it felt better to live in doubt but to be a'larnin bout the truth, than to be sartin ye had the truth but livin in fear of doubt")

a'layin: [verb] laying  ("the two of em wood play fer a hour at a stretch, tinker a'layin in daddys lap n battin at daddys hands n lettin daddy grab his hed")

albukerkee: [noun] Albuquerque  ("10 cent fer albukerkee jurnl")

a'lettin: [verb] allowing  ("she wuz a wunderin why she wuz a'lettin herself be hurt by the lacks of christopher martin")

algeria: [noun] Algeria  ("he wuz in algeria durin the revolushun thar n gut half a ear cut off, witch we hadnt noticed it till then")

ali: [noun] Ali ("Muhammad Ali")  ("turnt out ali had real good german n english bof n he had been in iran whenever the students tuck the amurkins hostage")

a'listnin: [verb] listening  ("that wuz ok on a counta i dint need innybidy a'listnin fer me to wonta play")

a'livin: [verb] living

alkyhol: [noun] alcohol  ("he ast did i wont a beer n i sed i wood take one even tho twernt sumthin i wonted, but i tuck it on a counta he hadnt ever offered me alkyhol to drank befor")

allowd: [adverb] accepted  ("i sed twuz a miss take to buy that car, n uncle buster allowd i wuz rite bout that")

allowd: [verb] allowed  ("i wudnt allowd to drank hard likker")

almos: [adverb] almost  ("twuz almos as if we had seen differnt plays")

a'lookin: [verb] looking  ("i couldnt see no way i wood git any closer to findin whutever twuz i wuz a'lookin fer thataway")

a'loose: [adverb] loose, free  ("ye kin jes betcha that betty lou wuz not turnin a'loose")

alreddy: [adverb] already  ("susannah wuz alreddy thar, gittin sum food frum the garden n visitin virg n mj")

altho: [conjunction] although  ("i guess my backside gut so tender than i finely give it up, altho that might not be it neether since i gut to reedin books roun then n seemt lack that tuck care of the urge to get away to sumthin")

alumnum: [noun] aluminum  ("i lacked that new chevrolay callt the vega, witch twuz a'winnin awards fer its injun bein made frum alumnum, but thay wonted $2,700 fert, n that wuz how i larnt whut sticker shock mint")

a'makin: [verb] making  ("but the points the perfesser wuz a'makin had to do with the concept of whuther it made sense to treat animulls thataway")

amalgum: [noun] amalgam

amarillo: [noun] Amarillo  ("50 cent fer the coffee n donut speshul in amarillo")

amazin: [adjective] amazing  ("one of the mos amazin thangs bout it wuz this long staircase in the middle of a huge room")

amung: [preposition] among  ("thay wuz even a young lady amung us who had her a copy of the play in bof german n english")

amungst: [adverb] among  ("i wood sit amungst folk that lacked to speak german")

amurka: [noun] America  ("turnt out they wuz wontin to thank amurka fer all the hep we had give em a'usin that marshall plan")

amurkin: [noun] American  ("innywho, twuz a sprize whenever the feller sed he couldnt bleeve no amurkin could speak german thataway")

amurkin: [adjective] American  ("all 108 of us amurkin d-a-a-d stipendiaten wuz invited on a trip to west berlin")

amurkins: [noun] Americans  ("i tuck the mos deeserted side streets n tride to git to whar folks wuz livin thar lives without specktin no amurkins to cum by")

analsts: [noun] analysts

a'needin: [verb] needing  ("twuz a scary lookin place whar people a'needin baths was a sleepin or hangin round n mos of em not even able to speek english")

angelique: [noun] Angelique  ("he kep braggin bout how his gurls wuz athletes n astin us ifn we couldnt see how angelique wuz in the best of shape, directin us to look at her legs, look at her neck, almos lack she wuz a race horse")

animayshun: [noun] animation

animulls: [noun] animals  ("the germans seemed to thank corn wuz sumthin ye only used to feed farm animulls")

anser: [noun] answer  ("i ast him bout darlene n wernt he in love with her, but he tride to change the topic n whenever i circled back roun toot he woodnt anser n i guess that wuz my anser")

anser: [verb] answer  ("i ast him bout darlene n wernt he in love with her, but he tride to change the topic n whenever i circled back roun toot he woodnt anser n i guess that wuz my anser")

anserin: [verb] answering  ("whenever i finisht anserin the applicayshun quiz, thay tuck it to the manjer n he red it over")

ansers: [noun] answers  ("frieda sed she dint know the big ansers, but she had a lil one to perpose, witch she ast the greek waiter to brang noch ein pils fer each of us, witch that meant 'still a beer' wurd fer wurd but a nuther beer jes the same")

anteek: [noun] antique  ("i cum to know that trade by wurkin fer my ant ruth at her junk shop, witch she callt it a anteek shop")

anteeks: [noun] antiques  ("uncle pap knew how to fix em lack thay wuz new n then ant ruth wood sell em lack thay wuz presshus on a counta a bein anteeks even tho thay lookt bran new")

a'pilin: [verb] piling

a'playin: [verb] playing  ("she used to sit out under the shade tree on a hot day sippin ice tea while we wuz a'playin in the yard")

applicayshun: [noun] application  ("thay set me down with a ball point n a applicayshun")

a'pullin: [verb] pulling  ("whenever i wuz a'pullin off the overhauls, i gut emily riled on a counta she wuz a'wontin to sleep sum more n i wuz makin too much ruckus")

a'puttin: [verb] putting  ("i wood fine myself sittin n talkin to one of the wives that wuz a'puttin her husbin thru on a counta the students in the crowd had plenty of student stuff to discuss")

arabic: [noun] Arabic  ("3. so god cum a thurd time, this time as a book that ye cant never translate, witch thats the koran, n since ye cant translate it, innybidy that wonts to master whuts innit has to larn arabic the way twuz spoke back in the 7th centry ad")

arabs: [noun] Arabs  ("he sed twuz gods will that let em be kicked out n let the arabs that lived thar have it fer nigh onto 2 thousunt years")

a'rainin: [verb] raining  ("all of a sudden it cummenced a'rainin from the grass up")

a'reedin: [verb] reading  ("he wuz a'reedin everthang he could bout that kinda stuff, frum kerkegaard to nietzshe to alan watts to meister eckhart to aldous huxley to rimbaud n baudelaire n he cum away with a confusin mix of idees that almos fell together")

arguin: [verb] arguing  ("seemed lack i blinked or sumthin n when i woke up, we wuz in a motel room n she wuz on the phone arguin with sumbidy")

a'rizin: [verb] increasing  ("he sed twuz sad when our cuntry had a debt of near $2 thousund dollars a person fer everbidy in the hole cuntry, n twuz a'rizin ever year")

arkateckchur: [noun] architecture  ("they had em a burnt out church name of kaiser-wilhelm gedachtnis kirche, witch thay wuz two towers toot, one a burnt out shell, tuthern a modern piece of arkateckchur that they wuz usin lack a museum")

armatrading: [noun] Armatrading ("Joan Armatrading")  ("then erika wonted us to splain sum of the lyrics to musick she lacked, witch her favert wuz joan armatrading")

arn: [noun] iron  ("kin ye fetch me that thar five arn?")

arn: [verb] iron  ("did ye arn that shirt?")

arnie: [noun] Arnie  ("the overseer wuz a dicktater, witch that wuz the night shift manjer arnie hafner frum nebraska")

arnold: [noun] Arnold  ("virgil n mj had em a dog name of arnold that they picked up sumwhar in californy")

aroun: [adverb] around  ("when i went to see em, thar wuz darlene leading perfesser william streicher aroun n tellin him whut to do")

articull: [noun] article

articulls: [noun] articles

artifishul: [adjective] artificial  ("virgil n me, we cum up with a quayshun bout musick that went thisaway

 ifn ye lissen hard five times to the same song, even that artifishul opry, ye gone start lackin it mos ever time"):

a'runnin: [verb] running  ("he tole me he wuz a gone stop me frum a'runnin away")

asassinayshuns: [noun] assassinations

a'sayin: [verb] saying  ("when i started a'sayin i loved her the third time, she put her fanger to my lips n stopped me")

a'sayn't: [contraction] saying

a'scrapin: [verb] scraping  ("ye dun that by gittin a scoop of ice n dumpin it on the grill n then a'scrapin while twuz hot n steemin up")

a'seein: [verb] seeing  ("whut dint nobidy else no wuz how the site of shurl lin made me shiver, as if twuz a ghost i wuz a'seein")

a'settin: [verb] setting

ashbury: [noun] Ashbury  ("he wonted a go to san fran cisco to hate ashbury")

a'sightin: [verb] sighting, spotting  we wuz a'sightin all the gurls")

a'sittin: [verb] sitting  ("thar wuz miz schubert a'sittin in a wheel chair with her laigs swole up to three times thar norml size")

askin, astin: [verb] asking  ("we saddled up sum horses n rode up to the tree n purt soon i seen whar gretchen wuz a sittin over by him apart frum us n she wuz astin did the gun have bullets n he wuz a'showin her how twurked")

a'sleepin: [verb] sleeping  ("he wuz a'sleepin rite thar too n dint wake up once durin the hole thang")

a'spittin: [verb] spitting

assistunts: [noun] assistance; assistants

assistuntship: [noun] assistantship  ("she had gut a teachin assistuntship fer the secunt year of her masters program")

ast: [verb] ask, asked  ("he ast me one of them questchuns that changes everthang")

a'stabbin: [verb] stabbing

a'stammerin: [verb] stammering  ("emily wuz thar sayin sumthin in french a time or two n then sumthin else a time or two, almos lack she wuz a'stammerin")

a'standin: [verb] standing  ("thay wuz a strollin back n forth in front of the place i wuz a'standin n ever now n then theyd cum over n ast did i wont cumpny ")

a'stayin: [verb] staying  ("we walked round fer bout three hours n twuz clear frum the instunt we gut out that thar wuznt no way he wood be a'stayin thar")

astoot: [adjective] astute

astowndin: [adjective] astounding

astrid: [noun] Astrid  ("her name wuz fräulein astrid müller n we wood git to know her a lil better on a counta she had applied fer a d-a-a-d n gut a fullbright to study at nun other than utk!")

a'studyin: [verb] studying  ("she cum up with the noshun that i ought to be a'studyin the bibl")

a'talkin: [verb] talking  ("folks wuz even a'talkin bout the hills on a counta that book callt deliverunts")

atall: [contraction] at all, pronounced uh-tall'  ("not knowin innythang atall bout office polticks, i fell fer it")

a'tellin: [verb] telling  ("i dint lack nobidy a'tellin me whut i could or couldnt do")

a'thankin: [verb] thanking, thinking  ("they put me on a old blind mare name of whitey n let darlene ride a big fat mare name of carla, witch they wuz a'thankin that since darlene wuz probly a natcherul on a counta how she wuz itchin to ride")

atheeist: [noun] atheist  ("he wuz the furst atheeist id ever met n he had a bad back, witch that turnt out to be a bit of luck since thay wuz a passel of thangs needin doin roun thar place n nobidy to do em sides me")

a'trine: [verb] trying  ("she sed she had herd i wuz purty free n easy n takin add vantage of the sexshul revolushun n i sed i wuz a'trine to change")

attackin: [verb] attacking  ("i hadnt bin scairt whenever the guy wuz attackin, but soon's i wuz back in the lite n in a safe place, seem lack my hart wonted to jump out frum my chest.")

attemps: [noun] attempts  ("he had em one a them volkswagon beetles n ye had to shif n seem lack it tuck ten or twelve attemps befor i sussed the skeme of that clutch")

attenchun: [noun] attention  ("we gut up in the frunt of that thar presbuhteryun church a'standin lack we wuz soljers at attenchun while we wuz a'waitin fer the ushers")

a'tunin: [verb] tuning

a'usin: [verb] using  ("he claimt he could heal it a'usin spit n sum grass, witch he plucked sum blades frum whar he fell on a counta he sed they wuz sorry fer hurtin him")

a'visitin: [verb] visiting  ("she wuz in a nursin home whar they had my uncle pappy n i wuz thar a'visitin him")

avridge: [adjective] average  ("whut duz yer avridge amurkin do to be unnerstood whenever they run into sumbidy that dont unnerstan english?")

a'waitin: [verb] waiting  ("fer a joke, she wood ast wood i wait fer her n i wood tell her i wuz dun alreddy a'waitin")

a'wakin: [verb] waking, awaking  ("twuz mr iml i had to thank fer a'wakin me up")

a'walkin: [verb] walking  ("i add mitt it hurt whenever i wuz a'walkin away n could here her crine n felt as if i dun hit her")

a'wantin: [verb] wanting

a'warin, a'wearin: [verb] wearing  ("she wuz a'wearin a pink dress with a par of paten lether shoos n white sox")

awedishun: [noun] audition

awfull: [adjective] awful  ("we wood wake up with god awfull hedakes the nex day n be dee hi drated")

a'winnin: [verb] winning  ("i lacked that new chevrolay callt the vega, witch twuz a'winnin awards fer its injun bein made frum alumnum, but thay wonted $2,700 fert, n that wuz how i larnt whut sticker shock mint")

a'wishin: [verb] wishing  ("twuz the furst time i ever herd innyone a'wishin to be done rong n i dint unnerstan it much till i wuz older")

a'witnessin: [verb] witnessing  ("she sed she had to look her best on a counta she wuz a'witnessin fer jeehovuh n right thar in that restroom we had wurds on a counta i dint wont her makin thangs wurse by preechin to virgil ifn he dint wont to heert, witch i dun new he dint, n she wuz a fitin right back on a counta she had a dooty to witness fer jeehovuh n spred his wurd")

a'woofin: [verb] woofing  ("nex evnin thays news that dick screema wonted me to see him nex day at 3 pm n seemt lack arnie wuz a'woofin in his hart that dick screema wood ax me n i half hoped he mite")

a'wurkin: [verb] working  ("he sed i could have winsday off ifn i dint mind a'wurkin weekends n i fell fer it")

a'yawnin: [verb] yawning  ("'I think I'll have a little nap, Bud,' she sed, a'yawnin. 'Dont let me sleep past San Jose.'")

awl: [noun] oil  ("I gut virgil to hep me change the awl in  my car.")


— b —

baccer: [noun] tobacco  ("i been out choppin baccer n hangin it up in the barn to dry")

baig: [noun] beg  ("dont make me baig fer yer luv")

bakd, bakt: [adjective] baked  ("his idees wuz half bakd")

bakd, bakt: [verb] baked  ("she bakd a pie fer thanksgivin")

baptist: [noun] Baptist  ("the driver tole me he wuz a revernd down to the suthern baptist church")

barly: [adverb] barely  ("i kin barly member the furst time i tried it since i wuz only two yars old when i dun it")

baroke: [noun] baroque  ("everthang inside wuz dun up in a style they call baroke. thay wuz more gold n ornaments n purty stuff in each one of them rooms than ye could hardly take in")

barsto: [noun] Barstow  ("tuck a good dump in barsto. fack is, ye might could say, thangs wuz grate")

bat trees: [noun] batteries  ("mah remote orta wurk, but i rekin it needs sum bat trees")

bathin: [verb] bathing  ("whut lookt lack twuz a lady's brite blue bra but turnt out to be the top of whut thay calls a bathin suit")

bawl: [verb] boil  ("ifn ye watch that pot, that water wont never bawl")

bawstun: [noun] Boston  ("whenever I wuz about to be born, my daddy wuz sent to bawstun")

bd: [noun] short for buddy don

beatles: [noun] Beatles, the  ("thay wood be bad news lack how the beatles broke up n how jimi hendrix n janis joplin died. n the nashnull debt wuz all the way up to $380 billyun")

becawz: [conjunction] because  ("i sed twuz on a counta i got a job overn the valley at a bobs big boy restrunt, witch i'll splain direckly, but fack wuz twuz jes on a counta becawz")

becum: [verb] become  ("the student wuz a studyin up to becum a preest")

beehold: [verb] behold  ("seem lack the air wuz a bit on the brown side but whenever the sun refleckted off it, twuz a site to beehold")

beerd: [noun] beard  ("ye could have a mustash but no beerd a wurkin at shoneys big boy restrunt")

beerds: [noun] beards  ("he dint cotton to folks havin beerds or black skin or bein publican")

beeyootiful: [adjective] beautiful  ("twuz a beeyootiful fall evenin, jes warm a nuff whar ye dint need a jacket but jes chilly a nuff whar a cuple of folk mite sit a bit closer to keep frum a'gittin a chill")

befor: [preposition] before  ("he needed to accept the truth befor it twuz too late")

beggin: [verb] begging  ("she wuz beggin to know whut twuz")

behavin: [verb] behaving

behin: [preposition] behind

beijing: [noun] Beijing

bein: [verb] being  ("ye'd fine yerself in orcherds of tree jes as purfeckly lined up as them houses, only differnts bein sum of em wuz orange trees n sum of em wuz walnut")

belarus: [noun] Belarus

ben: [noun] Ben  ("had a good meal in needles bought n blesst by a christchun revernd name of ben, witch he wuz a christchun but he wuz afraid to ride in a airplane")

berkeley: [noun] Berkeley  ("he had dun been to skool in berkeley n had wurked a spell in moscow n spent sum time at oxford in england")

berlin: [noun] Berlin  ("west berlin wuz lack a war zone with firewurks a'goin off everwhar")

bernard: [noun] Bernard

bes: [adjective] best  ("sed id do my bes to cleen up after myself")

bestn: [contraction] best one  ("i wuz rite proud of it on a counta docter sheffield rote on it how twuz the bestn he had dun read")

bettern: [adjective] better than  ("i stowed the bibl trax in the pouch of a seat next to mine thankin maybe sum one else could use em bettern me")

beverly: [noun] Beverly  ("corse, i wudnt bound fer no beverly hills, not with 80 cent n a box of moon pies to my name")

bidy: [noun] body  ("whut i hadnt figgerd on wuz how tard a bidy gits after cookin till 3 am, witch thats when the restrunt closed")

biggern: [contraction] bigger one  ("thang wuz my mamas fambly wuz biggern n bout half dixiecrat even if they wuz livin in east tennessee, so thay wuz lots of vote cancelayshun a'gone on twixt the two sides")

bildin, buildin: [noun] building  ("mos of oak ridge in them days wuz prefab housin that they brung in whenever they wuz bildin the manhattan projeck")

bildins, buildins: [noun] buildings  ("them bildins wuz mosly deserted overnite")

billyun: [noun] billion  ("the nashnull debt wuz all the way up to $380 billyun")

billyun: [adjective] billion  ("thay wuz a billyun ways to cut it, but it kep on a'growin")

bilt: [verb] built  ("i wuz sprized whenever the moon cum up at how cold it got so i bilt me a lil far")

birthdy: [noun] birthday  ("we made the miss take of pickin a day that lookt ok till i noticed twuz my mamas birthdy n by then twuz too late to change")

bizness: [noun] business  ("i sed i wonted to larn innythang he wuz a teechin bout the food bizness, sir")

bleef: [noun] belief  ("he sed it takes a bleef in god to make it so a bidy could have confidents bout the future n it makes the present easier to take")

bleev, bleeve: [noun] believe  ("she woodnt bleev me till i splaind how ye dun it n how i larnt it")

bleevd: [noun] believed  ("he bleevd in displine n never spard the rod, as thay say, n i tasted it mos of all bein the oldest")

bleevin: [verb] believing  ("i new jes whut to say on a counta my daddy bleevin purt much the same sorta thang ceptin that bit bout thar could be innythang rong with how our gummints dun set up")

bleevs: [verb] believes  ("dont everbidy go long with him bein a jew, speshly not uncle arnold, who bleevs pure blud is important n he lacks to try to proov it by raisin germun poleece dogs n liftin em up by thar ears")

blessin: [noun] blessing  ("they wuz proud of theyselves on a counta they did opry in english, witch that wuz a blessin")

blessins: [noun] blessings  ("'whenever yer down, ye need to count yer blessins")

blesst: [verb] blessed  ("had a good meal in needles bought n blesst by a christchun revernd name of ben, witch he wuz a christchun but he wuz afraid to ride in a airplane")

blinkt: [verb] blinked  ("love proovd to be true on a counta whenever she tole him her trubles, he never blinkt oncet n he sed everbidy makes miss takes but dint matter nun to him")

blog: [noun] Blog, web log

bloggin, blogging: [noun] blogging

blogs: [noun] Blogs

blongs: [verb] belongs  ("put the knives whar thay blongs n spatchlas too")

bof: [adjective] both  ("i did that on a counta i wonted to spend ever afternoon at the farm n thar wernt time fer bof the horse n the educayshun")

bofem: [contraction] both of them  ("purty soon bofem kittens wuz nursin")

bofus: [contraction] both of us  ("she denide it n then fer the furst time in years we gut into a fuss n fite n tole each uther everthang we'd been savin up n twuz devestatin to bofus")

borin: [verb] boring  ("his talk wuz borin everbidy")

borin: [adjective] boring  ("wurk had dun turnt borin")

bowmore: [noun] Bowmore

bp: [noun] blood pressure

brade: [noun] braid  ("her brown red har wuz pullt back in a french brade")

braggin: [verb] bragging  ("i wuz braggin how lil dude northfleet n me could beat inny horse on the farm without even a bridle in him mouth ner saddle on his back ner nuthin")

brakefuss: [noun] breakfast  ("i ast her did she wonta go to shoneys big boy restrunt fer brakefuss")

brakin: [verb] breaking, braking  ("i tole uncle brine i dint need his hep in brakin the horse on a counta i dint lack the way he wuz a hittin him")

brane: [noun] brain

brang: [verb] bring  ("so we hatched us up a plan, witch twuz that soons i herd sumthin frum virgil, id go up n see could i brang him back n git him offn them drugs he wuz scapin with")

brangin: [verb] bringing  ("he kep brangin me dranks n when twuz time to go, all my lergickul symptums wuz kicked in")

branimir: [noun] Branimir  ("branimir wuz frum the town of zagreb, witch he sed that made him a croat, witch ye say thatn 'crow-ott'")

brawl: [noun] fight  ("all em bystanders gut into a brawl whar they wuz beatin on innythang that wuz a'movin")

breethin: [verb] breathing  ("she pullt me closer n seemed lack she wuz breethin heavy befor yer could say jimmy crack corn")

breth: [noun] breath  ("that made her giggl so hard that whenever she caught her breth agin she sed we better go")

brite: [adjective] bright  ("twuz a brite moon, near full, n i could make my way purty easy")

broadway: [noun] Broadway

brownd: [adjective] browned

bruichladdich: [noun] Bruichladdich

brung: [verb] brought  ("i needed new clodhoppers on a counta the greese dun ruint the good par i brung frum tennessee")

bruther: [noun] brother  ("one day thay wuz no persilla nor menchun of her nor her bruther neethur")

bruthers: [noun] brothers  ("he had two bruthers n one sister, all born in wartburg")

bubblin: [verb] bubbling  ("the strip gits that thar gunk to bubblin n ye kin scrape it off")

buckingham: [noun] Buckingham  ("we did all go out to see buckingham palace together n we went to the tower of london but the crown jewels wuznt thar")

buckits: [noun] buckets  ("one day she tole me sumthin that made her cry buckits")

buckl: [noun] buckle  ("he never once hit me with the buckl n only twicet with his fist, n both times, i wuz more or less a'beggin fer it")

burnin: [verb] burning  ("i saw that all thar lights wuz a burnin so i parkd my bike n rung thar doorbell")

bushl: [noun] bushel  ("my dad give a bushl of taters to eddie byrge, witch wuz the name of the county sherrf who pickt me up")

bustin: [verb] busting  ("also, everthang is deecided on the basis of seniorty, witch that means ifn ye show up sober n dont git in a fite, after ye been thar a while, aint no way of lettin ye go. n that means that sum of the sorriest wurkers never leave n otherns leave furst chants they git to make more money by bustin thar asses")

busums: [noun] bosoms

byrge: [noun] Byrge  ("my dad give a bushl of taters to eddie byrge, witch wuz the name of the county sherrf who pickt me up")

bysickle: [noun] bicycle  ("gunner sed wood i consider a motorsickle n i sed i aint never cunsidderd it but i new how to ride a bysickle n how hard could it be?")


— c —

caint: [contraction] can't

california, californy: [noun] California

calld, callt: [verb] called

callin: [verb] calling

callt: [verb] called

calmd: [verb] calmed

canada: [noun] Canada

cantanker'd: [verb] angered, irritated

cantankeruss: [adjective] irritable

canyun: [noun] canyon

capn: [noun] captain

captullism: [noun] capitalism

caraff: [noun] carafe

carefull: [adjective] careful

carrd: [verb] carried

cassidy: [noun] Cassidy

catakizm: [noun] catechism

catchin: [verb] catching

cathlick: [noun] Catholic     "she wuz born in seecawkus new jerzy n wuz razed cathlick"

cathlick: [adjective] catholic           "his bleefs wuz cathlick moren innythang else"

catman: [noun] Catman

catterwallin: [verb] screeching, making an awful noise  "thay also had em this stuff thay callt opry, but twernt all that good seem lack. fer one thang, the sangers couldnt sang in our lingo n fer a nuther thay wuz never no mandlin nor whut ye might call innythang hi lonesome. seemt lack a lot a catterwallin to me"

catterwallin: [noun] screech, awful noise  "roena may gut to catterwallin"

causin: [verb] causing

cawt: [verb] caught

cawz: [verb] cause

cawzed: [verb] caused

celebratin: [verb] celebrating

centry: [noun] century

cept: [adverb] except

ceptn: [adverb] except for

champane: [noun] champagne

changd: [verb] changed

changin: [verb] changing

chantses: [noun] chances

chaptur: [noun] chapter

chatterin: [verb] chattering

checkatawl: [phrase] check the oil?

checkd: [verb] checked

cheepest: [adjective] cheapest

cheez: [noun] cheese

chello: [noun] cello

chicago: [noun] Chicago

chile: [noun] child

chinese: [adjective] Chinese

chinese: [noun] Chinese

choosin: [verb] choosing

choppin: [verb] chopping

christchun: [noun] Christian

christmus: [noun] Christmas

churchill: [noun] Churchill

cisco: [noun] Cisco

civicks: [noun] civics

claimd: [verb] claimed

claimin: [verb]   

clairnet, clarnet: [noun] clarinet

clangin: [verb] clanging

clar: [adjective] clear

classickull: [adjective] classical

claude: [noun] Claude

cleart: [verb] cleared

cleen: [verb] clean

cleend: [verb] cleaned

cleeners: [noun] cleaners

cleenin: [verb] cleaning

clingmuns: [noun] Clingman's

clintun: [noun] Clinton

closin: [verb] closing

closin: [noun] closing

clumb: [verb] climbed

cole: [noun] coal; Cole (as in Nat Kind Cole)

colleckshun: [noun] collection

collecktin: [verb] collecting

colord: [adjective] colored

comfert: [noun] comfort

comicull: [adjective] comical

commentaters: [noun] commentators

commints: [noun] comments

commoshun: [noun] commotion

compard: [verb] compared

compellin: [adjective] compelling

complicayshuns: [noun] complications

complimint: [noun] complement

concep: [noun] concept

concernd: [verb] concerned

concorde: [noun] Concorde

concreet: [noun] concrete

conduck: [noun] conduct

confusin: [adjective] confusing

congentle: [adjective] congenital

considerin: [verb] considering

constitushun: [noun] constitution

consultunts: [noun] consultants

contrack: [noun] contract

conversayshun: [noun] conversation

conversayshuns: [noun] conversations

cookin: [verb] cooking

corse: [noun] course, usually standing for "of course"; coarse

coulda: [contraction] could have

couldnt: [contraction] couldn't

couldnta: [contraction] couldn't have

counta: [contraction] literally, count of, as used in phrase on a counta meaning on account of or coverin

countin: [verb] counting

coverd: [verb] covered

coverin: [verb] covering

crappy: [noun] crappie (fish), pernounced 'croppy'

crashd: [verb] crashed

creem: [noun] cream

cride: [verb] cried

crine: [verb] crying

critickull: [adjective] critical

cubie: [noun] cuba

cuhcaffunny: [noun] cacaphony

culchur, cultchur: [noun] culture

culchurs, cultchurs: [noun] cultures

cumfert: [verb] comfort

cummence, cumments: [verb] begin, from commence

cummenced, cummentsed: [verb] began, from commenced.

cummences, cummentses: [verb] begins

cummencin, cummentsin: [verb] beginning, comencing

cummin: [verb] coming

cumpellin: [verb] compelling

cumplain: [verb] complain

cumplained: [verb] complained

cumplainin: [verb] complaining

cumplete: [adverb] complete

cumpletely: [adverb] completely

cumplex: [adjective] complex

cumpny: [noun] company

cumpnys: [noun] companies, company's

cums: [verb] comes

cundemmd: [adjective] condemned

cundemmd: [noun] condemned

cunducter: [noun] conductor

cunfess: [verb] confess

cunfessd: [verb] confessed

cunneticut: [noun] Connecticut

cunsidder: [verb] consider

cunsidderd: [verb] considered

cuntinued: [verb] continued

cuntrol: [noun] control

cuntry: [noun] country

cunundrum: [noun] conundrum

cunvints: [verb] convince

cunvintsed: [verb] convinced

cuple: [noun] couple

cused: [verb] accused

cuttin: [verb] cutting

cuzin: [noun] cousin

cyprus: [noun] Cyprus

czech: [noun] Czech


— d —

daddys: [noun] daddy's

dadgum: [exclamation] mild oath, similar to 'drat'

dagum: [exclamation] variant of dadgum

daid, ded: [adjective] dead

dallas: [noun] Dallas

daniel, danl: [noun] Daniel

daniels: [noun] Daniels

darleen: [noun] variant of Darlene

darlene: [noun] Darlene

darlenes: [noun] Darlene's

dawg: [noun] dog

dawters: [noun] daughters

daylite: [noun] daylight

debbie: [noun] Debbie

dee: [syllable] first syllable in words such as "dee lite"; separated into words to emphasize the music of the language.

deeanjullo: [noun] De Angelo

deeanjullos: [noun] De Angelos

deecide: [verb] decide

deecided: [verb] decided

deecishun: [noun] decision

deeclarin: [verb] declaring

deel: [noun] deal

deeliverd: [verb] delivered

deelivery: [noun] delivery

deeminish: [verb] diminish

deespized: [verb] despised

deespized: [adjective] despised

deessert: [noun] dessert

deetails: [noun] details

deevice: [noun] device

deevorse: [noun] divorce

defasits: [noun] deficits

defents: [noun] defense

definishun: [noun] definition

definitly: [adverb] definitely

deja: [noun] Deja

delicut: [adjective] delicate

deliverunts: [noun] deliverance

delware: [noun] Delaware

deny't: [contraction] deny it

desurvs: [verb] deserves

determind: [verb] determined

detroit: [noun] Detroit

dialeck: [noun] dialect

dickshunairy: [noun] dictionary

dicktater: [noun] dictator

diereckly: [adverb] directly

dierektor: [noun] director

differnt: [adjective] different

differnts: [noun] difference ("whuts the differnts?"

dimund: [noun] diamond

dinin: [verb] dining

dinin: [adjective] dining

direck: [adjective] direct

direckly: [adverb] directly, soon, right way, in a little while

direckshun: [noun] direction

direckshuns: [noun] directions

directin: [verb] directing

discurgin: [verb] discouraging

discusshun: [noun] discussion

discuverd: [verb] discovered

dishnull: [adjective] additional

dispeared: [verb] disappeared

displine: [noun] discipline

dissinfeck: [verb] disinfect

distrack: [verb] distract

distrackshun: [noun] distraction

distrackshuns: [noun] distractions

distractid: [verb] distracted

districk: [noun] district

distunts: [noun] distance

docter: [noun] doctor

doin: [verb] doing

doller: [noun] dollar

dont: [contraction] don't

doot: [contraction] do it

dooty: [noun] duty

doubtin: [verb] doubting

dowt: [noun] doubting

draincht: [adjective] drenched

draind: [verb] drained

drank: [verb] drink

drankin: [verb] drinking

dranks: [noun] drinks

dranks: [verb] drinks

dreem: [noun] dream

dreemin: [verb] dreaming

dreems: [noun] dreams

dressd: [verb] dressed

dressin: [verb] dressing

dresst: [verb] dressed

dride: [verb] dried

dride: [adjective] dried

drivin: [verb] driving

drowzin: [verb] drowsing

druther: [contraction] would rather

druther: [noun] preference

dry up*: [phrase] stop crying

dubled: [verb] doubled

duckshuns: [syllable] second particle from dee duckshuns, as in deductions

duffl: [noun] duffle

dumpin: [verb] dumping

duncan: [noun] Duncan

durin: [adverb] during

durry: [noun] dairy

duz: [verb] does

duzen: [noun] dozen

duzen: [adjective] dozen

dylans: [noun] Dylan's, Dylans

dynamick: [adjective] dynamic


— e —

earnd, earnt: [verb] earned

eatin: [verb] eating

eaziest: [adverb] easiest

eckscort: [noun] escort

eddicated: [adjective] educated

eddie: [noun] Eddie

edinburgh: [noun] Edinburgh

edishun: [noun] edition

educayshun: [noun] education

eethur: [conjunction] either

effeck: [noun] effect

effecks: [verb] effects

effurt: [noun] effort

eggcited: [verb] excited

eggcitin: [adjective] exciting

eggscape: [noun] escape

eggspeck: [verb] expect

eggspeckted: [verb] expected

eggsperients: [noun] experience

eggspreshun, eggspresshun: [noun] expression

eggspurt: [noun] expert

eggzackly: [adverb] exactly

eggzamin: [verb] examining

eggzaminayshun: [noun] examination

eggzample: [noun] example

eggzamples: [noun] examples

eiffel: [noun] Eiffel

eklectick: [adjective] eclectic

elaine: [noun] Elaine

eleckshun: [noun] election

eli: [noun] Eli

elise: [noun] Elise

ellen: [noun] Ellen

elysee: [noun] Elysee

em: [pronoun] them

embarrsd: [verb] embarrassed

emily: [noun] Emily

endin: [noun] ending

england: [noun] England

english: [noun] English

enhants: [verb] enhance

enliten: [verb] enlighten

envyus: [adverb] envious

er: [conjunction] or

eric: [noun] Eric

erics: [noun] Eric's

erika: [noun] Erika

europe: [noun] Europe

evaluatin: [verb] evaluating

evenin: [noun] evening

evenins: [noun] evenings

everbidy: [noun] everybody

everday: [noun] everyday

everthang: [noun] everything

everwhar: [noun] everywhere

evnin: [noun] evening

examinayshuns: [noun] examinations

excedrin: [noun] Excedrin

exter: [noun] extra

exter: [adjective] extra

eyesd: [syllable] second particle from real eyesd, as in realized


— f —

fack: [noun] fact

facks: [noun] facts

failt: [verb] failed

falln: [adjective] fallen

famblies: [noun] families

fambly: [noun] family

famus: [adjective] famous

fanger: [noun] finger

fangers: [noun] fingers

fars: [noun] fires

fashun: [noun] fashion

fatefull: [adjective] fateful

faverd: [verb] favored

favert: [adjective] favorite

faverts: [adjective] favorites

faves: [adjective] favorites

fbi: [acronym] FBI

febuwary: [noun] February

feedin: [verb] feeding

feelin: [noun] feeling

feelins: [noun] feelings

feesh: [noun] fish

fella: [noun] fellow

fellas: [noun] fellows

fer: [conjunction] for

fer, fur: [adverb] far

ferever: [adverb] forever

fergit: [verb] forget

fergittin: [verb] fogetting

fergut: [verb] forgot

fernando: [noun] Fernanda

fert, fer't: [contraction] for it

festivul: [noun] festival

figger: [noun] figure

figgerd: [verb] figured

figgern: [verb] figuring

figgers: [noun] figures

fightin: [verb] fighting

filld: [verb] filled

filld: [adjective] filled

fillin: [verb] filling

fillin: [adjective] filling

filsofickull: [adjective] philosophical

finanshul: [adjective] financial

findin: [verb] finding

finishin: [verb] finishing

finisht: [verb] finished

finland: [noun] Finland

finnish: [adjective] Finnish

firefox: [noun] Firefox

fite: [noun] fight

fites: [verb] fights

fitin: [noun] fighting

fixd: [verb] fixed

fixin: [verb] preparing

floatin: [verb] floating

flossofy: [noun] philosophy

floyd: [noun] Floyd

flynn: [noun] Flynn

focussd: [verb] focused

foller: [verb] follow

follerd: [verb] followed

forn: [noun] foreign

foun: [verb] found

fountinhed: [noun] fountainhead

fran: [noun] Fran

france: [noun] France

francisco: [noun] Francisco

frankfurt: [noun] Frankfurt

freedum: [noun] freedom

french: [noun] French

fridy: [noun] Friday

frieda: [noun] Frieda

frien: [noun] friend

frienly: [adverb] friendly

friens: [noun] friends

frigidairy: [noun] refrigerator, from Frigidaire

froggin, frogging: [verb] frogging

frogjumpin: [verb] browsing, as in frogjumpin thru the bible

frova: [noun] Frova

frum: [preposition] from

frunt: [adverb] front

frustrayshun: [noun] frustration

fryin: [verb] frying

frys: [verb] fries

fullbright: [noun] Fullbright

fur, fer: [adjective] far

furntchur: [noun] furniture

furst: [adjective] first

furstn: [contraction] first one

furth: [adverb] forth

fussin: [verb] fussing

futher: [adverb] further


— g —

gails: [noun] Gail's

gard: [noun] guard

garp: [noun] Garp

gawd: [noun] God

geeno: [noun] Gino

generly: [adverb] generally, usually

genlmun, gentlemun: [noun] gentleman

genrull: [adjective] general

german: [noun] German

germans: [noun] Germans

germany: [noun] Germany

gettin: [verb] getting

gilbert: [noun] Gilbert

gilty: [adjective] guilty

ginst: [preposition] against

git: [verb] get

gits: [verb] gets

gittar: [noun] guitar

gittin: [verb] getting

givin: [verb] giving

goin: [verb] going

goldman: [noun] Goldman

goldwater: [noun] Goldwater

gonna: [contraction] going to

goodn: [contraction] good one

gotta: [contraction] got to

gradjull: [adjective] gradual

graduwait: [verb] graduate

grafs: [noun] paragraphs

gran: [adjective] grand

grandie: [noun] grandmother

grandies: [noun] grandmothers

grayhoun: [noun] Greyhound

greece: [noun] Greece

greeks: [noun] Greeks

greese: [noun] grease

greetin: [verb] greeting

greevances: [noun] grievances

greevunts: [noun] grievance

grigiots: [noun] Grigiots

grossry: [noun] grocery

groun: [noun] ground

growd: [verb] grown

growin: [verb] growing

grusum: [adjective] gruesome

guardia: [noun] Guardia, as in La Guardia

gully washer+: [noun] heavy rain

gummint: [noun] government

gummints: [noun] governments

gunkd: [adjective] gunked

gunkd: [verb] gunked

gurl: [noun] girl

gurls: [noun] girls, girl's

guvernin: [verb] governing


— h —

hadnt: [contraction] hadn't

hafner: [noun] Hafner

haid, hed: [noun] head

haids, heds: [noun] heads

hangin: [verb] hanging

hanley: [noun] Hanley

happend, happent: [verb] happened

happenin: [verb] happening

har: [verb] hire, higher

hardn: [contraction] hard one

harlem: [noun] Harlem

harper: [noun] Harper

harvestin: [verb] harvesting

hatchin: [verb] hatching

hatfull: [noun] hatful

hauptmann: [noun] Hauptmann

havin: [verb] having

heapin: [verb] heaping

hearin: [verb] hearing

hedache, hedake: [noun] headache

hedaches, hedakes: [noun] headaches

hedded: [verb] headed

heddin: [verb] heading

heelin: [verb] healing

heerd: [verb] heard

hef: [verb] lift, heft

heidelberg: [noun] Heidelberg

helpd: [verb] helped

helt: [verb] held

hendrix: [noun] Hendrix

hep: [noun] help

hepful: [adjective] helpful

hepped: [verb] helped

heppin: [verb] helping

heredty: [noun] heredity

heres: [contraction] here's

here't: [contraction] hear it

herin: [verb] hearing

hern: [pronoun] hers

hes: [contraction] he's

hide ner hair+: [phrase] least trace or sign of

hidin: [verb] hiding

hidrated: [verb] hydrated

hidrated: [adjective] hydrated

hindi: [noun] Hindi

hisn: [pronoun] his

hisself: [pronoun] himself

historickull: [adjective] historical

histry: [noun] history

histrys: [noun] histories

hitler: [noun] Hitler

hms: [acronym] HMS

hobbsonline: [noun] HobbsOnline

holbrook: [noun] Holbrook

holdin: [verb] holding

holler: [verb] shout

holler: [noun] hollow (in the mountains)

hollerd: [verb] shouted

hollerin: [verb] shouting

homeplace: [noun] home, house

hongrier: [adverb] hungrier

hopin: [verb] hoping

horehouse: [noun] whorehouse

howt: [contraction] how it

hozay: [noun] José

hudson: [noun] Hudson

hungriern: [adverb] hungrier

hunkerd: [verb] hunkered

hunnert: [noun] hundred

huntin: [verb] hunting

hurd: [verb] heard, herd

hurtin: [verb] hurting

hyms: [noun] hymns


— i —

i: [pronoun] I

i'd: [contraction] I would

idee: [noun] idea

ifn: [conjunction] if

ignernt: [adjective] ignorant

im: [contraction] I'm

ima: [contraction] I'm  

iml: [noun] Iml

impossbull, impossibull: [adjective] impossible

impressd: [verb] impressed

impresshun: [noun] imression

improov: [verb] improve

improovd: [verb] improved

inadequasies: [noun] inadequacies

includin: [verb] including

incumin: [verb] incoming

incunsiderrut: [adjective] inconsiderate

indeespensibull: [adjective] indispensable

india: [noun] India

indian: [noun] Indian

indiannie: [noun] Indiana

indicayted: [verb] indicated

indoosmint: [noun] inducement

inflayshun: [noun] inflation

informayshun: [noun] information

inhert: [verb] inherit

inherted: [verb] inherited

injun: [noun] Indian

innerduce: [verb] introduce

innerduced: [verb] introduced

innerducin: [verb] introducing

innerested: [adjective] interested

innerestin: [adjective] interesting

innermingeld: [adjective] intermingled

innerst: [noun] interest

inny: [adjective] any

innybidy: [pronoun] anybody

innymore: [adjective] anymore

innyone: [pronoun] anyone

innythang: [pronoun] anything

innyway, innyways: [adverb] anyway

innywhar: [adverb] anywhere

innywho: [adverb] any who

inspeckshun: [noun] inspection

inspeckted: [verb] inspected

instermint: [noun] instrument

instermints: [noun] instruments

instunt: [noun] instant

instunts: [noun] instance

integrayshun: [noun] integration

intertained: [verb] entertained

invalides: [noun] Invalides

iran: [noun] Iran

iranians: [noun] Iranians

irish: [noun] Irish

irving: [noun] Irving

israel: [noun] Israel

it cum a flood†: [phrase] suddenly a verry heavy rain began to fall

italian: [noun] Italian

itchin: [verb] itching

itchin: [adjective] itching


— j —

jabberin: [verb] jabbering

jake: [noun] moonshine

jake laig+: [phrase] disreputable? shady? (thisns hard to put into english; tiz based on the drankin of jake, witch thats homemade likker that sum calls shine or moonshine, witch ye kin git a kinda paralisiss frum it that makes ye walk in a hi-steppin fashun, witch sum calls that the 'jake walk' or 'jake laig', so i rekon ye could call it a mild form of shady on a counta how thars the suggestchun of improper drankin)


jane: [noun] Jane

janis: [noun] Janis

january: [noun] January

jardin: [noun] Jardin

jarhed: [noun] jarhead

jeehovuh: [noun] Jehovah

jeehovuhs: [noun] Jehovah's

jeet*: [contraction] have you eaten? did you eat?

jeffords: [noun] Jeffords

jellus: [adjective] jealous

jersy, jerzy: [noun] Jersey, as in New Jersey

jes, jist: [adverb] just

jesus: [noun] Jesus

jew: [noun] Jew

jfk: [noun] JFK, as in John F. Kennedy

jimi: [noun] Jimi

joan: [noun] Joan

joe: [noun] Joe

johnny: [noun] Johnny

johnson: [noun] Johnson

jones: [noun] Jones

joplin: [noun] Joplin

joshuas, joshua's: [contraction] Joshua's

jumpin: [verb] jumping

jurnl: [noun] journal

justafide: [adjective] justified

justus: [noun] justice


— k —

kansus: [noun] Kansas

kazakhstan: [noun] Kazakhstan

keepin: [verb] keeping

keer: [noun] care

keerful: [adjective] careful

kennedy: [noun] Kennedy

kensington: [noun] Kensington

kent: [noun] Kent

kep: [verb] kept

kickd: [verb] kicked

kickin: [verb] kicking

killin: [verb] killing

killt: [verb] killed

kinda: [adverb] to some degree, kind of

kine: [noun] kind

kissd: [verb] kissed

kissin: [verb] kissing

kitchin: [noun] kitchen

knittin: [verb] knitting

knowin: [verb] knowing

knox: [noun] Knox

knoxvull: [noun] Knoxville

korea: [noun] Korea

koreeun: [adjective] Korean

krla: [noun] KRLA

kurt: [noun] Kurt


— l —

laborated: [verb] elaborated, explained

lackd: [verb] liked

lackin: [verb] liking

lackin: [noun] liking

lackin: [adjective] lacking

lackin: [verb] lacking

lackly: [adverb] likely

ladys: [noun] ladies

ladys: [contraction] lady's

laff: [noun] laugh

laff: [verb] laugh

laffed, lafft: [verb] laughed

laffin: [verb] laughing

laig: [noun] leg

laigs: [noun] legs

langwage: [noun] language

langwages: [noun] languages

lanks: [noun] links

larn: [verb] learn, teach

larnin: [verb] learning

larnin: [noun] leaning, education

larnt: [verb] learned, taught

larry: [noun] Larry

las: [adjective] last

las: [verb] endure

lawndry: [noun] laundry

lawsy: [exclamation] expression of fatigue ("lawsy day")

lbj: [acronym] LBJ

leckcher: [noun] lecture

leest: [adjective] least

leev, leeve: [verb] leave

leeves: [noun] leaves

leeves: [verb] leaves

leevin: [verb] leaving

lef, leff: [verb] left

legislayshun: [noun] legislation

lemme: [contraction] let me, allow me

lergic: [syllable] second part of a lergic, as in I am a lergic

lessn: [conjunction] unless

lessun: [noun] lesson

lessuns: [noun] lessons

lether: [noun] leather

lettus: [noun] lettuce

librul: [adjective] liberal

librul: [noun] liberal

likker: [noun] liquor

likker'll: [contraction] liquor will

lil: [adjective] little

limitin: [verb] limiting

lin: [noun] Lynn

lis: [noun] list

lissen: [verb] listen

lissnin: [verb] listening

lissnin: [noun] listening

listend, listned: [verb] listened

listn: [verb] listen

lite: [adjective] light

lite: [verb] light

literchur: [noun] literature

litter†: [noun] liter

livin: [verb] living

liza: [noun] Liza

lobstir: [noun] lobster

lockin: [verb] locking

loded: [verb] loaded

loitern: [verb] loitering

london: [noun] London

longern: [contraction] longer than

looey: [noun] Luis

lookin: [verb] looking

lookt: [verb] looked

losin: [verb] losing

lowder: [adverb] louder

lsd: [acronym] LSD

luggin: [verb] lugging

luther: [noun] Luther

luv: [verb] love

luved: [verb] loved

lyin: [verb] lying

lynn: [noun] Lynn


— m —

ma'am'd, mamd: [verb] Ma'am'd

mackdonalds: [noun] McDonalds

madison: [noun] Madison

magick: [noun] magic

magickull: [adjective] magical

magine: [verb] imagine

mah: [adjective] my

makin: [verb] making

malamud: [noun] Malamud

malcolm: [noun] Malcolm, as in Malcolm X

mam: [noun] ma'am

mamaw: [noun] Grandmother

mamd: [verb] married

marrd: [adjective] married

mandlin: [noun] mandolin

manely: [adverb] mainly, primarily

manhattan: [noun] Manhattan

manjer: [noun] manager

manjers: [noun] managers

marchin: [verb] marching

marcia: [noun] Marcia

marketta: [noun] Marketta

marlboros: [noun] Marlboros

marrd: [verb] married

marrd: [adjective] married

marryin: [verb] marrying

marshall: [noun] Marshall

mary: [noun] Mary

marywanna: [noun] marijuana

mashd: [verb] mashed

mashd: [adjective] mashed

mashin: [verb] mashing

massashusetts: [noun] Massashusetts

masterbait: [verb] masturbate

masterbaitin: [verb] masturbating

masturbayshun: [noun] masturbation

maters†: [noun] tomatoes

mattriss: [noun] mattress

maureen: [noun] Maureen

mayonaze: [noun] mayonnaise

meanin: [verb] meaning

medasin: [noun] medicine

medicull: [adjective] medical

meedevil: [adjective] medieval

meenwhile: [adverb] meanwhile

meenwhile: [noun] meanwhile

meetin: [noun] meeting

meetins: [noun] meetings

meldies: [noun] melodies

memberd: [verb] remembered

memberin: [verb] remembering

memphis: [noun] Memphis

memries: [noun] memories

memry: [noun] memory

menchun: [verb] mention

menchund, menchuned: [verb] mentioned

mess of: [phrase] serving portion, large quantity

mexicun: [adjective] Mexican

miami: [noun] Miami

mighta: [contraction] might have

minny: [adjective] many

minny's: [contraction] many are

minster: [noun] minister

misry: [noun] misery

missd: [verb] missed

missd: [adjective] missed

misshun: [noun] mission

misteryas: [adjective] mysterious

mitted: [syllable] second part of add mitted, as in, I add mitted my mistake

miz: [noun] Mrs.

mohammed: [noun] Mohammad

molyneux: [noun] Molyneux

monroe: [noun] Monroe

monsier: [noun] Monsier

montmartre: [noun] Montmartre

moorpark: [noun] Moorpark

moovin: [verb] moving

moren: [contraction] more than, more and

mornin: [noun] morning

mos: [adjective] most

moscow: [noun] Moscow

mosied: [verb] moseyed

mosly: [adverb] mostly

mostem: [contraction] most of them

motorsickle: [noun] motorcycle

moulin: [noun] Moulin

mountins: [noun] mountains

movebull: [noun] Moveable, as in Moveable Type

mozilla: [noun] Mozilla

mr: [noun] Mr.

mri: [acronym] MRI

muller: [noun] Muller

müller: [noun] Müller

mundy: [noun] Monday

munths: [noun] months

murry: [noun] Mary

musick: [noun] music

musickull: [adjective] musical

musickull: [noun] musical

musins: [noun] speculations, musings

musta: [contraction] must have

my heds a bustin†: [phrase] i have a severe headache

myra: [noun] Myra's

myras: [adjective] Myra's


— n —

nairy, nary: [adjective] not any, none, not

nam: [noun] Nam

nanner: [noun] banana

narves: [noun] nerves

nashnull: [adjective] national

nashvull: [noun] Nashville

natcherly: [adverb] naturally

natcherul: [adjective] natural

naybors: [noun] neighbors

nayburhood: [noun] neighborhood

nebraska, nebraskie: [noun] Nebraska

needin: [verb] needing

neednt: [contraction] need not

neerly: [adverb] nearly

neether, neethur: [adjective] neither

neether, neethur: [conjunction] neither

neether, neethur: [pronoun] neither

nek: [noun] neck

nekkid: [adjective] naked

ner: [conjunction] nor

newark: [noun] Newark

nex: [adjective] next

nex: [adverb] next

nex: [noun] next

nfl: [acronym] NFL

ngowa: [noun] Ngowa

nigel: [noun] Nigel

nite: [noun] night

nites: [noun] nights

nixon: [noun] Nixon

no count+: [phrase] worthless

nobidy: [pronoun] nobody

nobidy'd: [phrase] nobody would

nohow: [adverb] no way

no'm: [contraction] no ma'am

norman: [noun] Norman

norml: [adjective] normal

normly: [adverb] normally

noshun: [noun] notion

notayshun: [noun] notation

noter: [noun] note-player ("one-noter")

noters: [noun] note players ("one-noters")

noway: [adverb] no way

nowhar: [adverb] nowhere

nuff: [adverb] plenty, enough ("a nuff")

nursin: [verb] nursing

nuther: [syllable] part of another ("a nuther")

nuthern: [contraction] part of another one

nuthin: [pronoun] nothing

nuthin: [noun] nothing


— o —

obherd: [adjective] offensive sound, similar to obscene

objecks: [noun] objects

obsesshuns: [noun] obsessions

obsurvayshun: [noun] observation

obveeus: [adjective] obvious

offerd: [verb] offered

offerin: [verb] offering

offerin: [noun] offering

offn: [contraction] off of

offta: [contraction] off of

offus: [noun] office

ofishul: [adjective] official

ofta: [contraction] off to

ohbispo: [noun] Obispo

o'life: [contraction] of life

omlits: [noun] omelettes

ona: [contraction] an a

onan: [noun] Onan

oncet: [adverb] once

oncet: [noun] once

oncet: [adjective] once

onry: [adjective] angry, upset, irritable

ont: [contraction] on it

opend: [verb] opened

operayshun: [noun] operation

oppertunty: [noun] opportunity

opposit: [adjective] opposite

opposit: [noun] opposite

opposit: [adverb] opposite

opry: [noun] opera

orcherds: [noun] orchards

orderd: [verb] ordered

originull: [adjective] original

orkester: [noun] orchestra

ort: [verb] ought

orta, oughta: [contraction] ought to

orthodocks: [adjective] orthodox

osborne: [noun] Osborne

othern: [conjunction] other one

otherns: [contraction] other ones

oughta: [contraction] ought to

ourn: [pronoun] ours

outta: [contraction] out of

ovar: [adverb] over there

over home: [phrase] to home or even back home, as in 'im a'goin over home.'

overn: [contraction] over and

ownself: [pronoun] self (emphatic)


— p —

pakistan: [noun] Pakistan

pallgized: [verb] apologized

panefull: [adjective] painful

papaw+: [noun] grandfather

paralisiss: [noun] paralysis

paris: [noun] Paris

parkd: [verb] parked

parkd: [adjective] parked

parlormentry: [noun] parliamentary

parnts: [noun] parents

particlar: [adjective] particular

patturn: [noun] pattern

payin: [verb] paying

pedantick: [adjective] pedantic

peeano: [noun] piano

peebody: [noun] Peabody

peece: [noun] piece

peece: [noun] peace

peein: [verb] urinating

peenut: [noun] peanut

pennsillvany: [noun] Pennsylvania

percisely: [adverb] precisely, exactly

perdick: [verb] predict

perfeshnuls: [noun] professionals

performunts: [noun] performance

pergressd: [verb] progressed

permalanks, permalinks: [noun] permalinks

permapressd: [adjective] permapressed

pernounced: [verb] pronounced

persian: [noun] Persian

persilla: [noun] Priscilla

perspecktiv: [noun] perspective

perteckshun: [noun] protection

pertend: [verb] pretend

pertendin: [verb] pretending

perzackly: [adverb] precisely, exactly

pete: [noun] Pete

philip: [noun] Philip

pickadilly: [noun] Pickadilly

pick'em: [contraction]   

pick'em up+: [contraction] pick up, as in pick up truck.

pickin: [verb] picking

pickt: [verb] picked

piller: [noun] pillow

pinnafor: [noun] Pinafore

pino: [noun] Pino

plannd: [verb] planned

plannin: [verb] planning

plannin: [noun] planning

plastick: [noun] plastic

playd: [verb] played

playin: [verb] playing

pleece, po-leece: [noun] police,

pleezed: [verb] pleased

pleshur: [noun] pleasure

plite: [adjective] polite

pointin: [verb] pointing

poke+: [noun] bag, paper bag

pokt: [verb] poked

po-leecemun: [noun] policeman

politickull: [adjective] political

polly: [noun] Polly

ponderd: [verb] pondered

pore't: [contraction] pour it

porin: [verb] pouring

possibull: [adjective] possible

posstrofees: [noun] apostrophes

postin: [verb] posting

potemkin: [noun] Potemkin

pracktickly: [adverb] practically

practicin: [verb] practicing

practiss: [noun] practice

practiss: [verb] practice

preciate: [verb] appreciate

preech: [verb] preach

preechin: [verb] preaching

preechin: [noun] preaching

preest: [noun] priest

preests: [noun] priests

pregnunt: [adjective] pregnant

preparin: [verb] preparing

presdint: [noun] president

preshure: [noun] pressure

presshus: [adjective] prescious

proachin: [verb] approaching

probly: [adverb] probably

productivty: [noun] productivity

progresshun: [noun] progression

projecks: [noun] projects

proliferayshun: [noun] proliferation

promiss: [noun] promise

promissd, promissed: [verb] promised

proov: [verb] prove

proovd: [verb] proved, proven

proovin: [verb] proving

propd: [verb] propped

propd: [adjective] propped

prospeck: [noun] prospect

pullt: [verb] pulled

purfeckly: [adverb] perfectly

purrfeck: [adjective] perfect

purrpus: [noun] purpose

purs: [noun] purse

purt: [adverb] short for pretty

purtiest: [adjective] prettiest

purty: [adjective] pretty

purty: [adverb] pretty

pushd: [verb] pushed

pushin: [verb] pushing

puttin: [verb] putting

puzzl: [noun] puzzle


— q —

qualty: [noun] quality

quayshun: [noun] equation

questchun: [noun] question

questchund: [verb] questioned

questchuns: [noun] questions

quik: [adjective] quick


— r —

rackin: [verb] wracking

radeeo: [noun] radio

rafe: [noun] Ralph

rakin: [verb] raking

raled: [verb] railed

ranch, rainch: [noun] wrench

rang: [verb] strangle, choke, squeeze, as in 'ima gone rang his neck.'

rangin: [verb] ringing, ranging

ratcheer: [phrase] right here

raygun: [noun] Reagan

rc: [acronym] RC, as in RC Cola

readin: [verb] reading

reckon, reckun, rekin: [verb] estimate, calculate

reckund: [verb] reckoned

recolleckshuns: [noun] memories, recollections

recollectin: [verb] recollecting, remembering

reddy: [adverb] ready

redlight, redlite: [phrase] red light

reedin: [verb] reading

reeson: [noun] reason

refleckted: [verb] reflected

refusd: [verb] refused

reglar: [adjective] regular

relayshuns: [noun] relations

relijun: [noun] religion

remoov: [verb] remove

rentin: [verb] renting

repeeted: [verb] repeated

res: [noun] rest

respeck: [noun] respect

responsibilty: [noun] responsibility

restrunt: [noun] restaurant

returnt: [verb] returned

reveeld: [verb] revealed

revernd: [adjective] reverend

revernds: [verb] reverends

revolushun: [noun] revolution

revu: [noun] review

revus: [noun] reviews

ribbuns: [noun] ribbons

ricardo: [noun] Ricardo

richns: [contraction] rich ones

ridin: [verb] riding

rilly: [adjective] really

risin: [verb] rising

ritely: [adverb] rightly

riter: [noun] writer

ritin: [verb] writing

rnc: [acronym] RNC, as in Republican National Committee

robert: [noun] Robert

rochester: [noun] Rochester

rodes: [noun] roads

romants: [noun] romance

ronald: [noun] Ronald

rong: [adjective] wrong

roths: [contraction] Roth's

roun: [adverb] round

roun: [adjective] round

ruint: [verb] ruined

ruint: [adjective] ruined

rung: [verb] past tense of strangle, choke, squeeze; see 'rang'

runnin: [verb] running

russia: [noun] Russia

russian: [adjective] Russian

russle: [verb] rustle

ruth: [noun] Ruth

rythmick: [adjective] rhythmic


— s —

sachenshausen: [noun] Sachsenhausen

sackrufices: [noun] sacrifices

saharan: [adjective] Saharan

sangers: [noun] singers

sangin: [verb] singing

sangin: [verb] searching for ginseng

sangle: [adjective] single

sankin: [verb] sinking

sartin: [adjective] certain

sary: [noun] Sara

satisfide: [noun] satisfied

saturdys: [noun] Saturdays

saul: [noun] Saul

saverd: [verb] savored

savin: [verb] saving

savins: [noun] savings

sayin: [verb] saying

sayuncle: [noun] SayUncle

sayuncles: [contraction] SayUncle's

scairt: [verb] scared

scape: [verb] escape

scape: [noun] escape

scapin: [verb] escaping

schubert: [noun] Schubert

scotland: [noun] Scotland

scrapin: [verb] scraping

screamin: [verb] screaming

screema: [noun] Screema

scriptchur: [noun] scripture

seckshun: [noun] section

secunt: [adjective] second

securty: [noun] security

sed: [verb] said

seecawkus: [noun] Secaucus

seein: [verb] seeing

seeleckshun: [noun] selection

seemd, seemt: [verb] seemed

seenyer: [noun] senior

seenyer: [adjective] senior

sellabrate: [verb] cellebrate

sellin: [verb] selling

semipundit: [noun] SemiPundit

semunairy: [noun] seminary

sendin: [verb] sending

servin: [verb] serving

servus: [noun] service

sesshun: [noun] session

sevrul: [adjective] several

sexd: [verb] sexed

sez: [verb] says

shangles: [noun] shingles

sheddin: [verb] shedding

sherrf, sherriff: [noun] sheriff

shes: [contraction] she's

shinin: [verb] shining

shiverin: [verb] shivering

shivverlay: [noun] Chevrolet

shockd: [verb] stocked

shootin: [verb] shooting

shoppin: [verb] shopping

shore, shure: [adverb] sure

shoulda: [contraction] should have

shouldnt: [contraction] should not

showd: [verb] showed

showin: [verb] showing

showing: [noun] showing

shranker, shrinker: [noun] shrinker

shure: [adjective] sure

shurl: [noun] Cheryl

signafide: [verb] signified

significunt: [adjective] significant

sike-a-delick: [adjective] psychedelic

simlar: [adjective] similar

sined: [verb] signed

sinsayshun: [noun] sensation

sippin: [verb] sipping

sitchuwayshun: [noun] situation

sittin: [verb] sitting

skeduled: [verb] scheduled

skeduled: [adjective] scheduled

skeer: [verb] scare, frighten

skeer: [noun] scare

skeerd, skeert: [verb] scared

skolarship: [noun] scholarship

skoliosis: [noun] scoliosis

skool: [noun] school

skoolin: [noun] education, schooling

skools: [noun] schools, school's

skye: [noun] Skye ("Isle of Skye")

slavry: [noun] slavery

sleepin: [verb] sleeping

slowd: [verb] slowed

smokin: [verb] smoking

smolderin: [verb] smoldering

snorn: [verb] snoring

snorn: [noun] snoring

socidey: [noun] society

sody: [noun] soda

soljer: [noun] soldier

soljers: [noun] soldiers

solushun: [noun] solution

solvin: [verb] solving

somebidy: [pronoun] somebody

somebidy: [noun] somebody

soons, soon's: [contraction] soon as

sorce: [noun] source

sorta: [adverb] sort of

sos, so's: [contraction] so as

soshul: [adjective] social

soundin: [verb] sounding

southwesturn: [adjective] southwestern

spanish: [adjective] Spanish

spard: [verb] spared

sparkin: [verb] sparking

spatchlas: [noun] spatulas

speakin: [verb] speaking

specktid, spected: [verb] expected

spectin: [verb] expecting

speek: [verb] speak

spellin: [verb] spelling

spendin: [verb] spending

speshly: [adverb] especially, specially

speshul: [adjective] special

speshulizes: [verb] specializes

speshulty: [noun] specialty

spinnin: [verb] spinning

splain: [verb] explain

splainayshun: [noun] explanation

splainayshuns: [noun] explanations

splaind: [verb] explained

splained: [verb] explained

splainin: [verb] explaining

splains: [verb] explains

spookd: [verb] spooked

spose: [verb] suppose

spozed: [verb] supposed

spranklers: [noun] sprinklers

sprayin: [verb] spraying

spred: [noun] spread

spreddin: [verb] spreading

sprize: [noun] surprise

sprize: [verb] surprise

sprized: [verb] surprised

sprizin: [verb] surprising

sprizin: [adjective] surprising

squarsh: [noun] squash

squawkin: [verb] squawking

stabbin: [verb] stabbing

stablishmint: [noun] establishment

standin: [verb] standing

startin: [verb] starting

starv: [verb] starve

statick: [adjective] static

statin: [verb] stating

stayns: [noun] stains

stayshun: [noun] station

stealin, steelin: [verb] stealing

sted: [noun] stead

steddy: [adjective] steady

steek: [noun] steak

steelin: [verb] stealing

steemin: [verb] steaming

steppd: [verb] stepped

steppin: [verb] stepping

stoatses: [noun] Stoatses

stockd: [verb] stocked

stockin: [verb] stocking

stoopid: [adjective] stupid

stoppd, stopt: [verb] stopped

strangth: [noun] strength

stratagize: [verb] strategize

strate: [adjective] straight

straten: [verb] straighten

stretcht: [verb] stretched

strickly: [adverb] strictly

strippin: [verb] stripping

strokin: [verb] stroking

strollin: [verb] strolling

studyin: [verb] studying

stumick: [noun] stomach

subjeck: [noun] subject

sufficet: [contraction] suffice it

suggestchun: [noun] suggestion

sulivan: [noun] Sullivan

sulled: [verb] swelled, as in he sulled up with disappointment

sumbidy: [pronoun] somebody

sumday: [adverb] someday

sumhow: [adverb] sumhow

sumplace: [adverb] someplace

sumthin: [pronoun] something

sumthin: [noun] something

sumthin: [adverb] something

sumtime: [adverb] sometime

sumtimes: [adverb] sometimes

sumway: [adverb] someway

sumwhars: [adverb] somewhere

sundance: [noun] Sundance

sundy: [noun] Sunday

superbowl: [noun] Superbowl

superbowls: [noun] Superbowls

sussed: [verb] solved, learned, figured out

suthern: [adjective] southern

suttle: [adjective] subtle

swamg: [noun] swing

swang: [verb] swing

swimmin: [verb] swimming

switch*: [noun] lash

swole: [verb] swelled


— t —

t'admit: [contraction] to admit

takin: [verb] taking

talisker: [noun] Talisker

talkd, talkt: [verb] talked

talkin: [verb] talking

tammy: [noun] Tammy

tanzania: [noun] Tanzania

tappened: [contraction] it happened

tard: [adjective] tired

tastin: [verb] tasting

tastin: [noun] tasting

tawt: [verb] taught

teachin: [verb] teaching

teachin: [noun] teaching

technicully: [adverb] technically

tecknishun: [noun] technician

teech: [verb] teach

teechin: [verb] teaching

teechin: [noun] teaching

teechur: [noun] teacher

teevee: [noun] TV

tellin: [verb] telling

temperchur: [noun] temperature

temptayshun: [noun] temptation

temptin: [verb] tempting

tenchun: [noun] attention

tendin: [verb] tending, pretending

tennessee: [noun] Tennessee

terrbull: [adjective] terrible

testin: [verb] testing

testin: [noun] testing

texarkana: [noun] Texarkana

texas: [noun] Texas

tham: [pronoun] them

thang: [noun] thing

thangs: [noun] things

thankee: [contraction] thank you

thankin: [verb] thinking

thankt: [verb] thanked

thar: [adverb] there

thars: [contraction] there is, there are

tharselves: [pronoun] themselves

that thar†: [contraction] that one

thataway: [adverb] that way

thatn: [contraction] that one

thatns: [contraction] that one's

thats: [contraction] that's

thay: [pronoun] they

thay: [adverb] there

thays: [contraction] there are

thays: [contraction] they are

thayselves: [pronoun] themselves

thems: [adjective] those

thems: [contraction] they are

then't: [contraction] then it

theyd: [contraction] they would

theyll: [contraction] they will

thisaway: [adverb] this way

thisn: [contraction] this one

thisns: [contraction] thins one is

tho: [conjunction] though

tho: [adverb] though

thonly: [contraction] the only

thousund: [noun] thousand

thousund: [adjective] thousand

threatend: [verb] threatened

throwin: [verb] throwing

thunk: [verb] thought

thurd: [adjective] third

thurgood: [noun] Thurgood

thursty: [adjective] thirsty

tickt: [verb] ticked

tiresum: [adjective] tiresome

tis: [contraction] it is

tite: [adjective] tight

tiz: [contraction] it is

todays: [contraction] today's

tole: [verb] told

toon: [noun] tune

topanga: [noun] Topanga

topick: [noun] topic

topicks: [noun] topics

torchur, tortchur: [noun] torture

tords: [adverb] towards

touchd: [verb] touched

touchin: [verb] touching

toulouse-lautrec: [noun] Toulouse-Lautrec

towl: [noun] towel

tracin: [verb] tracing

trafalgar: [noun] Trafalgar

tragickull: [adjective] tragic

trainin: [verb] training

trainin: [noun] training

trane: [noun] train

travelin: [verb] traveling

trax: [noun] tracks

treatin: [verb] treating

treet: [verb] treat

treet: [noun] treat

treeted: [verb] treated

trickt: [verb] tricked

tride: [verb] tried

trike: [noun] tricycle

trimmins: [noun] trimmings

triomphe: [noun] Triomphe

truble: [noun] troubles

trubles: [noun] troubles

trucklode: [noun] truckload

tuckerd: [verb] tuckered

tuesdy: [noun] Tuesday

tuileries: [noun] Tuileries

turgent: [noun] detergent

turnin: [verb] turning

turnt: [verb] turned

turry: [noun] Terry

tuther: [contraction] the other

tuthern: [contraction] the other one

tv: [acronym] TV

twarnt: [contraction] it was not, it were not

tween: [preposition] between

twent: [contraction] it went

twere: [contraction] it was, it were

twernt: [contraction] it wasn't, it weren't

twicet: [adverb] twice

twood: [contraction] it would

twooda: [contraction] it would have

twoodnt: [contraction] it would not

twurried: [contraction] it worried

twuz: [contraction] it was

twuznt: [contraction] it was not

typickull: [adjective] typical


— u —

uk: [noun] UK

ukraine: [noun] Ukraine

undergraduwaits: [noun] undergraduates

undressd: [verb] undressed

undun: [adverb] undone

univesty: [noun] university

unlack: [adverb] unlike

unnatcherul: [adjective] unnatural

unnerstan, unnerstand: [verb] understand

unnerstandin: [noun] understanding

unnerstood: [verb] understood

unpoplar: [adjective] unpopular

unthaw†: [verb] thaw, as in 'unthaw them froze pipes.'

upchuckin: [verb] vomiting

upn: [acronym] UPN

usa: [acronym] USA

usin: [verb] using

ussr: [acronym] USSR

uther: [adjective] other

uther: [noun] other

uther: [pronoun] other

utk: [acronym] UTK


— v —

vacayshun: [noun] vacation

vacayshuns: [noun] vacations

veet: [noun] Viet

vega: [noun] Vega

ventchur: [noun] venture

ventchur: [verb] venture

ventfull: [adjective] eventful

verr, vurry†: [adverb] very

vershun: [noun] version

victoria: [noun] Victoria

victries: [noun] victories

vietnam: [noun] Vietnam

vietnamese: [adjective] Vietnamese

violaytin: [verb] violating

virg: [noun] short for Virgil

virgil: [noun] Virgil

virgils: [contraction] Virgil's

virginny: [noun] Virginia

visitin: [verb] visiting

visted: [verb] visited

vocalizd: [verb] vocalized

volkswagon: [noun] Volkswagen

vols: [noun] Vols

vonnegut: [noun] Vonnegut

votin: [verb] voting


— w —

waitin: [verb] waiting

walkin: [verb] walking

walkt: [verb] walked

waller: [verb] wallow

wanna: [contraction] want to

wantin: [verb] wanting

warmin: [verb] warming

warnin: [verb] warning

warnin: [noun] warning

warnit: [noun] walnut

warnt: [contraction] was not, were not

warsh: [verb] wash

warsh: [noun] wash

washin: [verb] washing

wastin: [verb] wasting

watchin: [verb] watching

wate: [verb] weight

wate: [noun] weight

wavin: [verb] waving

waytress: [noun] waitress

wearin: [verb] wearing

weegul: [verb] wiggle

welcum: [noun] welcome

welcum: [verb] welcome

weppon: [noun] weapon

wernt: [contraction] weren't

wertheim: [noun] Wertheim

westminster: [noun] Westminster

whar: [adverb] where

wharever: [adverb] wherever

whars: [contraction] where's

whisperd: [verb] whispered

whos: [contraction] who is, whose

whupd: [verb] whipped

whut: [pronoun] what

whut: [adjective] what

whut: [adverb] what

whut: [conjunction] what

whut: [exclamation] what

whutever: [pronoun] whatever

whutever: [adjective] whatever

whutever: [interjection] whatever

whuther, wuther: [conjunction] whether

whuts: [contraction] what's

wifes: [contraction] wife's

william: [noun] William

willin: [adjective] willing

willin: [verb] willing

wilson: [noun] Wilson

winnin: [verb] winning

winnin: [adjective] winning

winsday: [noun] Wednesday

winston: [noun] Winston

wint: [verb] went

wishin: [verb] wishing

wisht: [verb] wished

wisper: [noun] whisper

witchevern: [contraction] whichever one

witchn: [contraction] which one

wonderd: [verb] wondered

wonta: [contraction] want to

wontin: [verb] wanting

wonts: [verb] wants

wooda: [contraction] would have

woodnt: [contraction] wouldn't

worl: [noun] world

wudnt: [contraction] wasn't

wunder: [noun] wonder

wunder: [verb] wonder

wunderd: [verb] wondered

wunderful: [adjective] wonderful

wunderin: [verb] wondering

wurd: [noun] word

wurdplay: [noun] word-play

wurds: [noun] words

wurk: [noun] work

wurkd, wurked: [verb] worked

wurker: [noun] worker

wurkers: [noun] workers

wurkin: [verb] working

wurks: [noun] works

wurms: [noun] worms

wurnt: [contraction] were not

wurried: [adjective] worried

wurried: [verb] worried

wurry: [noun] worry

wurry: [verb] worry

wurse, wurser: [adjective] worse

wurse, wurser: [adverb] worse

wurse, wurser: [noun] worse

wursen: [verb] worsen

wursn: [contraction] worse than, worsen

wurst: [adjective] worst

wurst: [adverb] worst

wurst: [noun] worst

wursts: [noun] Wursts

wurth: [adverb] worth

wurthy: [adjective] worthy

würzburg: [noun] Würzburg

wuz: [verb] was

wuznt: [contraction] wasn't


— x —


— y —

yalla, yaller, yella: [noun] yellow

yalla, yaller, yella: [adjective] yellow

yars: [pronoun] yours

yed, ye'd: [contraction] you would

yellojacket: [noun] yellow jacket

yellt: [verb] yelled

yens, yuns: [pronoun] you (plural)

yer: [adjective] your

yer: [contraction] you're

yers: [pronoun] yours

yerself: [pronoun] yourself

yes'm: [contraction] yes ma'am

yesmd: [contraction] yes ma'am'd

yessir: [phrase] yes sir

yessiree: [contraction] yes sir

yesterdy: [noun] yesterday

yesterdy: [adverb] yesterday

york: [noun] York

youngns: [noun] young folks

yung: [adjective] young


— z —

zomig: [noun] Zomig

bein a dickshunairy of hillbilly dialeck as used in life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly frum wandering hillbilly

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